We have had children in the Sacred Heart School system since 1994. We are very happy that they are getting an education in a Christian atmosphere. We have a great group of teachers. They are very dedicated to our children’s education. We feel that caring and loving teachers surround our children. This atmosphere causes our children to strive for higher goals.
– Mike and Kristi Wilson

My three children attended Sacred Heart School. My husband and I are originally from Birmingham, and while we had heard about Saint Bernard’s, we were unaware of Sacred Heart. We were pleased and excited to find such a wonderful academic experience for our children.

This is our sixth year at the school, and the kids are benefiting from Sacred Heart in ways that we expected and in some unanticipated ways as well. We expect academic excellence, valuable extracurricular activities and a safe and secure school environment. Sacred Heart has more than exceeded these expectations.

When the kids talk to their friends and relatives who attend other schools (some in other states), I am always impressed with the fact that our kids are getting a superior education. The teachers and staff have high standards and the students rise to meet these challenges daily. There are sports available for them, as well as elective music and art classes. Would you like my son to play something on the violin for you, or my daughters to show you the art they entered in the fair? All three are learning Spanish. The school is small and the building is secured by an intercom, electronically locked doors and a camera system that monitors arrivals and exits of parents and visitors. Every teacher knows every student, the students’ siblings and parents. I am confident when I drop my children off in the morning that they will be carefully looked after and returned to me, in many ways, better developed than when I left them there.

There are unexpected ways my children are benefiting. As we attend the Methodist Church in town, the religious education at Sacred Heart was not our first priority. However, I am always pleased by their knowledge of the history of Christianity and the development of their spiritual awareness. I see this as a result of the religious atmosphere and instruction at Sacred Heart. I am also thrilled by the interaction of the older students with the younger kids at school. The upper-graders are kind and thoughtful to the little ones. They help them carry their books, escort them to and from their cars, and cheer them on in their achievements. All the students at the school are polite, thoughtful, respectful, and caring. I believe this is because their parents care enough about them to send them to Sacred Heart. The school returns this trust by producing the kind of students and children of which we, as parents, can all be proud.
– Apsannah Coccia
– Mom to Dan, Callie and Phoebe

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