Statement of Philosophy

Sacred Heart School is a Catholic elementary school in the diocese of Birmingham in Alabama.  By its total design and operation, Sacred Heart School fosters the integration of religion into all aspects of learning and living.

The school recognizes all students as children of God with special talents and needs.  Students are members of ever enlarging groups beginning with the family and moving out into society.  In cooperation with the family, the school seeks to guide and direct the students in the development of their unique potentials.  A balanced academic program is directed toward spiritual, intellectual, emotional, moral judgments and is of service to their families, their Church, their communities, their nation, and the ever-changing world.  This service reflects an awareness of the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the members of a democratic society.

The learning experiences are within a structured academic program which stimulates creative growth and understanding of basic values leading to the development of the skills necessary for living in today’s world.  These learning experiences seek to impart self-discipline, self-respect, and honesty for the dignity and rights of others.

Sacred Heart School strives to create a Catholic educational community where human knowledge, enlightened by faith, is shared with all.  Within a Christian atmosphere of love, discipline and guidance, the faculty, the parents, and the students will continue to grow.

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